Grow and Know

Brief History

Grow and Know was launched after the great success of a girl’s puberty book project in Tanzania. The girl’s book received an overwhelmingly positive response from girls and their mothers, aunties, grandmothers, school teachers, and even fathers and male peers. 

Convinced that the Tanzania girl’s puberty book, Vipindi vya Maisha, had tapped into an unmet need of girls around the world, Grow and Know was established with the aim of replicating the Tanzanian success story for girls and boys in other countries in need of growing up guidance.

Grow and Know was founded in the spirit of Dr. Jackie Kirk, a woman of tireless energy devoted to the cause of educating girls around the globe, and improving gender equity in schools. Her enormous passion and dedication, and particular interest in empowering girls growing into healthy young women, will be forever captured in the participatory methods used with young people for developing the content of the books we publish.

Our Approach

The Grow and Know team aims to develop books that are grounded in the local social, cultural, and economic context, and that capture the real perspectives of young people growing up today. Young peoples’ stories are incorporated alongside factual and appropriate guidance on the physiological and emotional changes of puberty and maturation. Recognizing the importance of authenticity in pictures and language, we contract with high quality local illustrators, translators, and publishers within each country of activity.


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